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Get Indian Business Online, also known as GIBO

Soofi Group launches GIBO Project to help small-and-medium-sized Indian businesses get free professional websites, with relevant training and resources, for the purpose of enhancing and growing their businesses.

Chandigarh, 13 April 2010 – Soofi Group today announced the launch of an ambitious and revolutionary project ( for the express purpose of helping small and medium size businesses in India get their own professional websites. Despite operating in one of the emerging technology-oriented markets in the world with well over 52 million people online back in the year 2008 with an average annual growth rate of 20 percent reports technology and market research firm Forrester Research, as many as 60%-80% Indian businesses do not have a website. Many Indian businesses are not yet online because they believe that “being online” is too costly, too complicated or simply unnecessary – often for all three reasons.

Regardless of the size of your business, GIBO will ensure that your website looks professional and that it is easy to manage, as well, as is the case for most other websites on the Internet. Your Indian-owned-and-operated business will get its own Domain Name and an informational website through the GIBO Project absolutely cost-free for the first full year.

At the GIBO website, businesses interested in getting a free, customized website need simply complete the Application Form by providing the information required. Each business that does that will receive a .in/ web address of its choice plus “a look” for the website from a variety of templates, one of which is likely to perfectly suit the needs of the specific business.

New websites will be submitted to all major search engines and will also be included as a featured business listing on the GIBO Project webpage. Businesses will also enjoy access to an expert team of web professionals who can familiarize them with the tools they’ll need to successfully promote their new websites online.

Under the GIBO Project, Soofi Web Services will offer businesses free advice and telephone support as ways to help the businesses create an effective online presence. Soofi Web Services will also make available website enhancement services. Moreover, businesses will also be given the chance to use PayPal with a GIBO-powered website. This will enable them to turn their new websites into powerful commercial platforms that will further help them sell their products or services. It also means that they can begin selling to their customers and accept payments quickly and securely online.

Soofi Web Services has also prepared an easy-to-follow Information Technology Guide that will allow Indian businesses to quickly develop the skills and confidence necessary to go online. The reference guide will help businesses manage their newly-developed websites so that they get the most from them and become more competitive, as well.

Businesses in India can sign up for a free domain name, website and more at website.

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